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Our Resident Doctor

CEO & Physician

Dr. Howard Pyo

Dr. Howard Pyo is a board-certified family medicine practitioner with a profound commitment to offering exceptional care to his patients. His journey in the field of medicine began at Harvard University, where he earned a premedical studies diploma. He later attended Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, PA for medical school. Dr. Pyo completed his medical internship at Chino Valley Medical Center in Chino, CA and his family medicine residency at St. John's Episcopal Hospital in New York City, where he served as the CIR union leader for medical residents.

Licenses and Certifications

Dr. Pyo holds a board certification in family medicine and is licensed by the California Osteopathic Medical Board.


With rich experience in primary care, urgent care, hospitals, and nursing homes, Dr. Pyo is equipped to handle a broad range of medical needs. He currently serves as the hospice director for Mega Hospice and is the chair of several committees, including nutrition, pharmacy/therapeutics, infection control, and prevention, at College Medical Center in Long Beach, CA.

Continuous Learning

Currently, Dr. Pyo is pursuing an Executive Masters in Public Health program at Yale University, with the goal to enhance his ability to meet his community's diverse healthcare needs.


Fluent in English, Dr. Pyo also converses in Korean and Japanese, allowing him to connect with patients from varied backgrounds and cultures.

Personal Life

Outside the clinic, Dr. Pyo is a devoted family man. He is supported by his wife, who acts as the chief operations officer of the clinic and is pursuing her own degree as a nurse practitioner. Together, they are raising a healthy baby boy named Jonah, who occasionally lights up the clinic with his presence.

Vision for Pyo Clinic

Dr. Pyo's vision for Pyo Clinic is to blend compassion with the latest medical technologies to provide world-class healthcare. He is deeply committed to empowering patients with a better understanding of their health, encouraging a proactive approach to wellness. His mission is to extend healthcare access to the community and deliver personalized, exceptional medical care to every patient who walks through the clinic doors.



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Phone: 657-799-0993

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